P4 Display Panel 64×32 Connect with ESPP8266 to Display Image Logo & Scrolling Text

The Arduino Sketch & libraries can download here

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Download footage in Playback Features on Hik-Connect App (Version 6+ and above)

In the latest versions of the Hik-Connect app (version 6 and above), users can take advantage of advanced playback features, including the ability to download footage clips. This article will guide you through the process, ensuring you can efficiently review and save important footage. Accessing Recorded Footage Downloading Specific Footage Clips Accessing and Sharing Downloaded Clips Tips for Efficient Footage…

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Configure Hik-Connect on Hikvision DVR (Monitor/Tv Display) for Remote Camera Viewing by Mobile / Pc

1, Make sure DVR is connected with internet & configured proper IP (Better enable the DHCP Mode for easy way to connect internet) 2, Also Hik-Connect service is enabled in your DVR followed by Menu -> Configuration > Network > Platform Access (Via TV/Monitor display) 3, Tick on the Enable box then pop screen will appear,  4, Tick on Terms & Condition & create a Verification Code…

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